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Life’s Like That

I wake up in the morning
With the sun on my eyes
I slip into my shoes
To walk a mile
I’m tired and refuse to rise
I didn’t know
That I was in for surprise
Splashes of green
Pop out on my face
I lose myself
In the lure of the lakes
Squirrels say ‘Hi’
And birds fly by
Oh, where am I?
Life’s like that
I guess
It slipped my mind.

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Bye Bye Sunshine, it's time to rain

I love the rain

And, I love the feeling of it on my face.

Thank you, says Kolkata 🙂

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Lull before the storm

Infiltration begins

And, Attack!

“In came the aliens

And, abducted all our maids

Leaving behind our managers

To worsen our day!”

The Truth:

PIC 1 – A min before the storm ensues.
PIC 2 – The reflection of the floor lights on the glass. Looks like UFO, don’t they?
PIC 3 – Storm hits bringing in relief 🙂

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Spice up your Life

With Colour,

Warmth and Light!

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Fractal Nature

Why is geometry often described as ‘cold’ and ‘dry?’ One reason lies in its inability to describe the shape of a cloud, a mountain, a coastline, or a tree. Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line… Nature exhibits not simply a higher degree but an altogether different level of complexity.

– Benoit Mandelbrot

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A touch of nature

A stretch of green

Bathed in

Fresh country rain

Is the home

I seek!

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