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I’m back

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

I was away for a while

Living with my parents

For sometime

Enjoying all the food and the love

After such a long time

Then, I was off to Singapore

The Sparkling city

Lights up the sky

You believe me not?

For I have proof

But now I’m home

With my mind full 🙂

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


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Jim Morrison's grave at Père-Lachaise.

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Reflection Pool @ Washington DC

As above

So below

All is one

Ad infinitum!

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She Stoops to Conquer

On the grounds of Victoria Memorial

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You can’t have anything unless you know what you want. Don’t scare yourself with the ‘HOW’. Once you visualize your life and know exactly what you want, the ‘HOW’ will materialize before you.


What’s your dream job? Where would you like to work? Think hard! What would you like to do everyday for the rest of your life? What’s your dream house like? Is it on top of a hill or is it overlooking the sea? Do you want a big house or a small house? Do you want a garden, a library, a swimming pool? What car would you like to drive? What colour? What kind of a relation do you want to have with your husband, your kids, your parents, etc.  

Give every detail. Set your goals!

Remember what the Genie said to Aladdin, “I can’t help you unless you make a wish.”

So, go on. Unleash your genie. If you want a Honeymoon in Paris, say it!

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He stood there long

Conversing with the sea

Wondering, maybe

He was born free

But, he hears it now

The call of the sea

Oh, yes it’s time

To rise – says he

And, to follow the

Long lost dream!

– On the beach @ Mandarmani

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Office picnic:

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